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Friday, 4 August 2006

Did she really?

Oh yes, Katydid.

I was really lucky on the Dye-o-rama swap - not only did I get lovely yarn from Squid-knits Devorah, but I also won a fab present from Wendy at Intertwinement!

I could choose something form her website, where she has insect (or bug, for you North-Americans) related yarn (think butterflies, ladybirds - our name for ladybugs). Also, she has Portrait of a girl/boy/man/woman yarns.

But I chose Katydid yarn. I loved the vibrant green, which reminded me of those shield beetles we see here, but also it reminded me of the Susan Coolidge books 'What Katy Did', and the follow-ups (What Katy Did at School, What Katy Did Next, Clover), books I loved as a child. And Wendy very kindly sent me a soundbite of katydids, which seem to be a kind of grasshopper. Neither of us could hear the sound 'katydid', but perhaps that's because we weren't in the south sitting rocking on a creaking porch with a mint julep glistening with condensation, a warm breeze and ..............

I look forward to it some day!


Alice said...

Love that green.

wendy said...

Thank so much for the kind words.

Voddy said...

And there was me thinking whatkatiedid was just the most fabulous website for purchasing burlesque inspired undies

xx Voddy