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Saturday, 16 September 2006

Cashmere Progress, a Bayerische sock

Jude and Artis-Anne
wanted me to keep you all updated about the pink stole for my cousin's wedding in January - here's how it's going - here it is. It's 5 pattern repeats across, and so far 2.5 long. looks good stretched out, but like a bucket of boiled ass (copyright Rabbitch) as it is!

Bayerische sock

Eunny Jang, she of the wonderful designs, incredible technique tutorials, interesting talk etc etc has started a Bavarian/Austrian style sock. on 96 stitches. I am so excited about this pattern-in-the-making - my grandparents came to the UK from Austria in 1938, and my darling Mutti, my grandmother, would have loved these. I may have to make these for her in lilac, her colour (makes me think of Lila Pause!), and give them to my Mum. She wears lilac too.


Devorah said...

The stole is looking good! I also saw Eunny's sock-in-progress and think I have to knit it despite the amout of work that I know it will take.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh the stole does look lovely I still haven't bought any of his cashmere , on my wish list !!