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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

No shit, Sherlock

Just read this article in the NYTimes - the suggestion is that we should eat FOOD not nutrients, and that the reason eg French diet seems healthier is as much about how it is eaten (smaller portions, socially etc) as exactly what.

Lets eat food our grandparents would have recognised (not necessarily mine - might be yours, I like Thai food, Indian, French, Italian as much as Austrian and English!), lets eat it freshly made and lets enjoy it!


Alice said...

Absolutely x lots and lots! Patrick Holford is one of my fave Clever People and he would agree wholeheartedly with that stuff.

I always cook from fresh and I still worry I don't get enough of what I'm supposed to. I can't believe there are people who just don't give a you-know-what about what they eat.

Like you, I like Thai (cooking that tonight, actually) and Indian and everything and anything. Cripes, you've got me going now......

Actually, I read a very interesting book recently, about all the other nutrients nobody ever mentions, and which foods they're in. But it just made me more paranoid that I'm not getting enough.........Better get off your blog now.

TutleyMutley said...

No shit! I ADORE food! How do you find these articles, you well read person you.
What amazes me is that you THINK you're eating a well balanced diet with lots of fresh produce and then you find that that 'fresh' orange has been stored for so long that it has virtually NO vitamin C in it. Eat local.