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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Yarn Forward Autumn 2007

Kerrie's really done us proud this time, I think (along with her team, of course). The issue looks and feels professional and beautiful.
yarn forward autumn 07

Lovely paperstock; great, clear and stylish design; attractive pictures; appealing patterns.

Yarn forward Autumn 2007 detail
After a troubled year, I'm so pleased to have paid for a subscription, and really hope that the mag will now go from strength to strength.

Yarn Forward - the new UK knitting magazine. Because we're worth it!


kathryn said...

I paid for a subscription last year so I think this issue will be waiting for me at home - it certainly looks very worth having.

Penny said...

The publishing team who are producing the magazine now are mostly knitters themselves, so they know what we want. They're the kind of knitters who join Ravelry. Oh, and they run my knitting group :-)

TutleyMutley said...

I bought this issue in Get Knitted last weekend - good one and up to the standard of the US mags. I just might subscribe too.