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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Replies, yarn

Yarn and toes
This is the Glacier LAke and Cygnus the swan. I've just spent several hours doing what I almost NEVER do, starting, unpicking and restarting a sock with the Glacier Lake (after giving myself backache winding it from my knees onto a loo roll while awkwardly reading my blogroll). I cast one 70 stitches on 2.5mm needles, though I usually use fewer stitches and 2.25mm needles. Couldn't remember my favourite tubular cast-on (and of course have no books), so just did a backward loop. That was loose enough, but I felt the whole thing was knit too loosely, and it was really pooling for me. I took the chance to try various stitch patterns - I know I want something I can knit and chat, so simple, but I'm against stocking stitch socks (not necessarily for rational reasons!) I tried Bex's GliB socks and liked the pattern, but not sure it and the yarn go well together; then tried this Nine-to-five pattern - needs plain yarn.
Then I went online, to Ysolda's blog where she has a great video of a different method of tubular cast-on. I obviously was so stressed about doing it right, it was really tight on 2.25mm! I shall try again (casting on on larger needles) and try the Mad Colour Weave socks, I think.
Anyway, Hi Kathryn, Jo and Ruth, good to see you here, glad you like Josephine, I do too. Yep, Jo, the list is long and utterly unrealistic, you know me. I care not a jot, cos I do it for fun! (And of course I have a secret hope that I will get all these things done...). Ruth - I have enjoyed the fiesta socks so far very much (oh, yes, they're not finished either and are in transit) - and I fancy those Herringbone ones from Knitty too. 

I'll stop wittering on like someone who hasn't talked to anyone for 24 hours now, shall I?

(Company tonight, though - out for  a meal at the Universal restaurant - for the Friends of Dorothy (ha, ha) lunar night do. Christine Manfield's new restaurant - she had East @ West in London, winner of many awards, so my expectations are high!)


Bex said...

oooohh that Cygnus does look yum!

Deb said...

Hi Em

When you gonna answer my email????

Deb (if my dining table is overflowing with scissors and yarn and I think about textiles every day it is your fault)

Toots said...

Stop drivelling on about knitting and entertain yr old pals back in the UK on yr other blog (i.e. not just photos, but somwhere we can post contentious and stupid comments.)

Goggle Eyed Krenbot said...

Wot other blog? Anyway, let me just tell you that my baby knit had crap finishing mainly because of the five-stripe colouredness of it and I had to sew in all the baggy bits, but there was an invisible seam cast-off on the crown of the hood so exquisite that it would make very seraphs dewy-eyed. Were they interested in beautiful knitting. Kx