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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Birthday loveliness

Yep, it was over a week ago. I never said I was organised, or a prompt poster, but I am a grateful and happy recipient of various delights.

Fin made me a wonderful Pavlova (which I promptly pronounced incorrectly, he told me!) - My first, with passion-fruit. Delicious. No pics, we scoffed it rapidly! He also provided a rather beautiful handkerchief from India (one of his passions) properly hand-printed and everything (and apt as a I was having one of my snuffly allergy days). 

Bex dyed me some yarn - 'Emily the Car' colourway, which is funny if you realise that Kris thought I was car the first time Bex mentioned me. 
Emily the CarSome of the dark areas are greener than you can see here.

Sally and Lara gave me 1200m of this lovely two-ply/laceweight from Rubi and Lana
Green laceweightass well as some beautiful knitty-themed fabric and a ?30s style needlework tin! birthday fabric
Sandra, whose partner Mary-Helen was in NZ so not at my birthday Indian feast, introduced me to the ABC shop with a card for there - another place I keep on browsing now!

What a lucky jammer I am!


missfee said...

happy birthday - sorry I missed it - hope to see you thurs and I will get you a birthday drink - at least....

RooKnits said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. Pavlova sounds yummy.

Wendy said...

Happy belated bday! Great score!


Anonymous said...

Poop. I completely forgot. And I have another friend with birthday the same day and I remember her, albeit late. So sorry. Looks like it was lovely on the yarn haul front anyway.

Glad you hoovered up the stress-inducing dust bunnies, even though I'm with you on the "don't look under the bed" strategy.

SallyO said...

Yep, it was a good night, wasn't it? Must be repeated at the next birthday - Clare?