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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Stripey! And Canadian glories.

I haven't got round to blogging this tank-top I made for C to keep her warm in the Sydney air-con and winter. She wears it lots for work. And here is my favourite model -  Stripey front!Stripey side!Stripey back!
Look at those muscles!

Anyway, today I went to the post office to send a parcel to Canada, and to pick up a mysterious parcel I'd been left a note for - hey, Joline, we've almost crossed in the post - it was your parcel I was posting! (I've got another North American parcel in the pipeline, but incomplete, so not yet posted). 

What a parcel! Baadmedicine presents packs of pringles (in my favourite flavour) Grizzly Bear Coffee canadian coffeecan't wait!) and chocs, as well as Buffalo Gals yarn - a 2ply in 70% bison and 30% merino. I think it'll be WARM! Haven't quite decide what to do with it yet - but here it is, in all it's soft green glory.
bison/merino 70/30
And a delicious skein of Great Big Sea by Handmaiden Fine Yarns! So fine, I've already cast on, so no pics of the skein, just of the ball I've wound and the Ceriantharian I've cast on.

Up close and personal:
Great Big Sea
And the start of the cowl:
Ceriantharian in Great Big Sea
How lucky am I?


Robynn said...

Very lucky! Any idea what that Great Big Sea colourway is called? (I know it won't be on the label so not sure why I'm asking, really...)

Also, vv impressive muscle definition there. Wow.

J. said...

I'm so glad you finally got it! I mailed it at the beginning of May and I was beginning to worry. The Great Big Sea is in Ebony (I think) and I'm so happy that you like the colour! The buffalo yarn is spun in the US but the buffalo live in Alberta like me. (I'm not that hairy.)

Enjoy the treats!


Anonymous said...

Wow that vest might make me reconsider my view of such garments. Is it the sort of vest that would work well at the ... damn forgot the name of the pub. You know where I mean :-)

Octopus Knits said...

So lucky! The Buffalo yarn and Great Big Sea are fantastic -- oooo, as is the sweater vest you made. Great job!