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Monday, 8 September 2008

A quick one

I've had guests, and then ISP probs (ie we have only a tiny download allowance, which I didn't realise as we are subletting that along with the house, and hence used up in only an Hour. I blame the podcasts!)

Anyway - I've finished a couple of things, and started some too. here we go:

Oriental Lily for Alice, which went down well! Used Barb's lost flock fibers in blue held with multicoloured from Fybrespates, both superwash sockyarns. Adjusted size upwards. Might do it again!
dress close-upriding elephants
Heffalump, for Ben - form Ysolda's Elijah pattern

Heffalump and Ben 2

I've started Fiona Ellis' Bonnie, from Twist Collective -using Bendigo Aran wool, for Clare. love the asymmetry!

Bonnie Back 1

And I've swatched for Veronik Avery's  Linden, also Twist Collective, in Treliske Bio-Natur, organic sheepswool in Donkey. Loving it - shall use the yarn doubled on 6mm needles as in the topmost swatch.
Linden swatches

A lovely August with family! I'll try to post again soon....


Cecilia said...

All looks fantastic! Especially love the dress--the frilly bits at the bottom are too cute!

Felix said...

wow so much amazing knitting! I am really impressed by how much knitting you manage to do...

wendy said...

Wow...fantastic cables!
Lovely dress!
I love the Heffalump...such great colors!
Yup, it's a day to use!
Have fun!

clarabelle said...

Lovely photos and knits, Emily! I have Oriental lined up... baaah, so many grandkid knits to knit!


SallyO said...

I love EVERYTHING. But I'm swooning over the Bonnie. Look forward to seeing it completed.

knitting sprouts said...

I love that little dress, and the circular jacket, and the mitts and.... such lovely things you make.