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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

sadly no pics - I lied! There are some!

Because I am illicitly posting from work - and we all know that if I procrastinate to get pics, this'll never happen! I've taken pics! Here you go...

Anyway - I have been knitting! I've almost finished a Summer Solstice (by Heidi Kirrmaier), which I've been doing in background Rowan silky tweed in 'tabby' - dark brown with orangey and other flecks - and silk/merino stripes in 5 colours SPUN BY CLARE for my Xmas present on her drop-spindles, from Yarn Yard fibre (Natalie sadly doesn't seem to be doing fibre any more). It's SO nearly finished...
Here are lots of pics:summer solsticeclarey's yarns 1clarey's yarns 3

I've also started a jumper for Clare herself - Space Girl , also by Heidi Kirrmaier!
Some pics:
space girl 3space girl 2

I've nearly finished a version of Daybreak using 2 yarns that are more-or-less the same clour, but one's a handspun cashmere and the other a boucle silk, both bought from Posh Yarn about 4 years ago. I think it's working well.daybreak

And I've swatched for a Baby Cables and Big Ones Too, using rowan Calmer so I don't overheat in it! I like big warm jumpers, but this one is low necked and fitted, so more of a jersey top, I think. I really like this green.tree yarn


missfee said...

wow wow wow wow and wow

love the solstice - that is so my my list but HAND SPUN by CLARE - WOW
and the jumper for clare looks amazing

oh I wish I could see these in real life and sit and knit with you

Anonymous said...

Hope it's ok to comment- your post popped up in my bloglines. That striped solstice is gorgeous, and that close up that shows the handspun...wow...it's such an even yarn. Beautiful.

Kris said...

Solstice looks fantastic - well done!

And I LOVE Space Girl. I think another purchase of Cotton Fleece is in my future...