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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Shur'tugal for S62011

The yarn is Knitabulous Salwar kameez:

knitabulous salwar kameez

The sock is Socktopus' Shur'tugal (dragonrider). I really like this pattern, though it's bitten me a few times already! Just in sizing - I started off medium on 2.25mm - too small (I did 2 repeats after the ribbing); went up to the large size still 2.25mm - and still a bit small after 4 repeats! Success with 2.5mm in big size. BUt I've dropped to 2.25mm from the start of the heel flap (which I've done longer by 4 pairs of rows).
photo 1 Shur'tugal


LynS said...

Wow - you speedy knitters! This is looking lovely - the pattern somehow seems to highlight the green highpoints in the yarn. I will heed your advice about needle size.

RooKnits said...

What a perfect yarn for that pattern...

Lara said...

Gorgeous - but I had to chirp in about your macbook. Have you called apple to ask if they will fix it? My topcase split like yours, and it was replaced for free. These programs do have an end date, so it's worth making a call before they close the program.

OK, I'll shut up now :)