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Saturday, 15 January 2011

two new projects (ummmm)

So, I've finished my lovely Shur'tugal socksshur'tugal on
shur'tugal front
shur'tugal heels

Knitabulous yarn, socktopus pattern.

I really do love these socks, might knit them again.

Anyway, I followed these by casting on another Daybreak shawl for Clare from the Old Maiden Aunt yarn I bought in Stirling last year - superwash merino in Lon-dubh (blackbird) and jasper.
daybreak old maiden aunt WIP

daybreak old maiden aunt detail

BUT I am going to knit something else first - new to my stash but not bought by me...

Clare is part of a brilliant scheme by Diane Mulholland, called Spintelligence. Clare gets a parcel of fibre every 2 months with instructions so she's learnt LOTS from Diane 9I think she may carry on for another 6/12 if she can).

Here's her yarn - it's 20bamboo/80merino fibre from Artist's Palette Yarns. She had to spin it then overply it as a two ply to try to make a strong sock yarn. She played with the colours - one ply is more striping than the other.
Here it is just skeined:
clare yarn skein detail 3

And here I've balled it.
clare yarn ball 2

I'm going to use it for my godmother's 60th birthday present (end of Jan!) in some cuffs - Anne Hanson's Elm Leaves, I think. Should be gorgeous.


Cassandra said...

Isn't that hand-spun beautiful! You're so lucky to have a yarn producer in-house!

LynS said...

Clare is just so multi-talented. The yarn looks beautiful.

I love the colours you're using for the Daybreak Shawl. I also have some of the Old Maiden Aunt yarn, fortunately in the same lovely charcoal grey though unfortunately not in a variegated colour-way, and was thinking of using it for a Stephen West project - maybe 'Clockwork'.

Anonymous said...

well i take back every nasty thing i ever said about shurtugals cos yours are absolutely perfect. the best colour ive seen so far, just awesome!