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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A couple of FOs and a new WIP

Barb and I agreed to do the knitalong for Roxanne Mystery Shawl by Feministy and I decided to do it in Fleece artist sea wool, which I'd bought from Purlescence, in the colour 'earth'. It meant I was a bit short on yardage, but I just felt it would work.
Here's the start:  roxanne mystery start-up

And here's the finish:

roxanne 1
roxanne 2

The blocking wasn't ideal - did it in this 'log cabin' in Scotland we stayed in for a week around Clare's Etape Caledonia bike race (81 miles in highland Perthshire). It was LOVELY! We had a hot tub on the balcony to sit in and toast the race afterwards (and perhaps get just a little - um - tired and emotional). Anyway, so the stripy towel - not so good for the pics!

We did a lot of driving and I cast on for another shawl - this time Taygete, by Romi. I'd thought I might, and so had yarn for it with me - the remains of the red Colinette Jitterbug I had from the millshop and used for Audrey in Unst, and some deep teal in the same. I'm really pleased with it!

Taygete falling 1
Taygete flat
Taygete onTaygete detail

And the WIP - well I only have pics of Clare's element - the spinning. It's yarn from her Spintelligence spinning club. The fibre came from Picperfic and is 50% 18.5micron superfine merino, 30% cashmere and 20% silk - so soft! Minniemoll has pics of her fibre and what she spun here for those of you on Ravelry.

GT yarn 1GT yarn 3
GT yarn 2

I'm using it for another of Romi's 7 small Shawls - Maia. This yarn is much lighter weight, a laceweight single. I think it'll work out really well.


Kris said...

I made sure to get the spa room for after my marathon as well. I have a feeling it will be the scene of some tired emotions too. :)

Lara said...

Love the knitting (of course), but I had to comment about the yarn - Clare's spinning is so wonderfully fine and even! What an inspiration. Is there anything you two cannot do?

Cecilia said...

Totally agree with Lara. Amazing knitting and spinning. I've always wanted to try a shawl shaped like the top one but have always been afraid of the blocking process, especially now that I have wood floors. Yours is stunning. Actually, they are both stunning!

Reecie said...

The shawls are fantastic! Love the Fleece Artist. I wish I was back in Scotland!