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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Cardiff Castle

Just a couple of pics (I hope) of a meet-up with knit-sibs at Cardiff Castle last Tuesday. Leigh, Brenda from my knitlist, her partner Tonia and I all spent a great afternoon chatting in dappled shade surrounded by LOUD, beautiful peacocks. We knat and talked very happily, ate Welsh waffles in the lovely warm afternoon. (Brenda is standing, and the pic of Leigh won't load. Bloody Blogger!).
This is the start of the Eleonora sock by Miriam (of Mim's Knitting Frenzy), in sock yarn named 'Charcoal' by Carol at Black Bunny Fibers. Love the yarn and the pattern! (It's my foot too, and the hammock in our garden).


Alice said...

How odd I should read about the loudness of peacocks this evening. There are loads of them living quite near to us and I happened to mention today how LOUD they are at present. Oh, how I love the sound of the peacocks crowing (is it crowing?).

I have had terrible troubles with uploading photos on blogger, too. Pain in the ass.

Yarn looks fab.

Alice said...

Sorry but: PS..... What is wrong with Gordon's then? I mean, what's the difference? Not a rhetorical question-I'd like to know, since I've only ever tried Gordon's.