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Saturday, 17 June 2006

Jaywalkers, Glass needles

I finished these a while ago, but was prompted by Grumperina's recent post (June 15th/16th) to take pics and send her one for her gallery. A beautiful day to take some pics.

I am almost finished on the brioche tank-top from Summer Interweave, in grey and multi-muted wigwam by Colinette. Quite fun. We'll see how it looks on.

I'm part way through lots of things, but going to the South of France in a few weeks, so I plan to spend time on Joe (see previous post, stripey hemp top) and the Lotus Blossom Top from Summer interweave (in red bamboo, from getknitted) as I reckon these plant fibres may be more standable in the heat. Oh, and maybe glampyre's Angelica tunic in Hipknits silk, in reds and blues. And the sock.

I may have mentioned the knitlist I am on; well it has many joys (except when people go right off at a tangent, and end up rowing. That's rowing like 'now', not like 'toe'). A recent one is meeting (on-line) Martha Kauppi, a glass artist. She makes glass knitting needles (and uses them herself, too). Couldn't resist - so I've bought myself two beeyootiful sets of DPNS: one size 7US (just under 4.5mm) in an amazing black/brown, white and glowing green barberpole in clear glass, and the other size 3US ( just under 3.25mm) in just the glowing green spiralling on itself. Luscious.


Piglottie said...

Jaywalkers are excellent! I love the glass knitting needles - must not buy, must not buy, have too many Brittany Birch already, but....

PS: Have a wonderful holiday!

Alice said...

Oh, if I had piles of money I would snap up those needles in every available colour and size. My heart actually skips a beat. I have to sit down.....But I felt that way about the ebony ones and resisted..

The jaywalkers look great. Funny, I cast on for a pair two days ago and changed my mind and wish I hadn't.

Martha said...

Thanks so much for the plug for my needles!! A better image can be seen at http://www.glass-gem.com/knitting-needles.html just in case. I found out you blogged my needles because one of your readers contacted me! Thanks!