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Monday, 10 July 2006

Cocktails from Voddy

Apologies for lack of blogging however I'm glad to see Ginny has been on the case - I do love those socks G.

I have to say I've been doing very little craft due to a rather annoying neck problem hence the lack of blogging but I am now fighting (ish) fit again and back to the world of making and do-ing. First project is to get on with making felt beads and dyeing them with the lovely kool aid and then hopefully creating some exciting jewellery, just awaiting a large delivery of the sugary drink stuff from a friend in the U.S and then it's all systems go. I promise to blog with photos even if the results are shocking.

While not crafting I have been keeping up the cocktail end of the bargain instead - mostly at my new hairdressers where they will not only do your barnet but give you a champers cocktail in burlesque dressing room-esque surroundings. I fear I may end up having lovely hair but a not so lovely bank balance so have instead decided to turn my home into a burlesque dressing room and learn how to make the perfect bellini - I should have fun trying if nothing else.

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Ginny said...

Voddy - hooray for you! You are the real craftster of the 2 of us. Shall we take lots of pics at the jolly Arumdo???