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Wednesday, 27 September 2006


Well, I've got my act together and posted off my tea/knit parcel. hope it pleases my spoilee! And I have heard from my spoiler, too, which weas great.

I'm still busy not quite writing my essay (well, I have 1700 words of 5000, but meant to not have to do any one my hols next week. We'll see. If I can get lots done with MIL over the weekend, while C does insane cross-Devon racing on foot, cayak and bicycle, then maybe I'll be ok.

Sorry, this'll be a dull post, no pics. Most intersting thing I've done is start sorting out what knitting I shall take away with me! Th shawl for my cousin and the sicky shawl for my niece - has to be wishy washy to go with her cream bridesmaid dress, and it certainly is. Quite repulsive. I'm adding a few beads, and she likes pink more than I do. If she isn't keen I will dye it after the wedding - it is lovely Fleece Artist sock merino. I'm doing Bloom from Knitty, which creates a swirly circular shawl that should at least keep a 4 year old warm in midwinter, and give the possibility of flinging it over her shoulders dramatically! (She is dramatic).

I'll try to get pics.

Anyway, probably nothing more after this till I come back on the 8th October. oh, and i hope I'll get some knitting in my favourite knitting place, as emailed to my swapbuddy: I have really enjoyed knitting on the beach in November, wrapped up VERY warm while my GF does kite-buggying (which I do a bit too), the wind blowing, waves splashing and crashing, birds calling, C coming close to say hello then off far away. Yep, that’s been the best!


Alice said...

What essay? Have I missed something?

The knitting on the beach sounds glorious (and the activity bit, too). But not the colour of the shawl. However, it's sure to be appropriate for the occasion.

Have a great break.

TutleyMutley said...

Dear Ginny/E
I'm sooooo sorry to have missed your departure before getting in suggestions about where to go - the weather down yer's been a bit unpredictable this week, too. I'm sure you've found some wonderful coastline - I love walking all round where you're headed for.
Hope you're getting some decent surf anyway, even if your knitting in the beach has become a little damp and you've been BLOWN AWAY.

I have my 'practice portfolio' for the 'examination of the newborn' course I've been doing to get in by Friday 13th too - with a sneaky 'reflective essay' and several scenario type write ups to complete in the back of it. I'll be thinking of you and your 1,700 words and empathising. sigh.
cheers m'dear, from terri (who will be off to Thailand the following week! woohoo! what military coup??!)