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Tuesday, 26 September 2006

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So here, late as late can be, is my (pitifully small, it seems) collection of teas. I drink a lot of herbal teas (and my favourite of all is not here as I always run out - Blackberry and nettle. Love anything blackberry-y) . However, I also love Lapsang Souchong - my aunt used to send my parents 2lbs every Christmas, which lasted the year as we have this with just a few leaves in a teapot.

Talking of teapots, I love these 2 - the blue I bought in a market in Vienna, and it is very Germanic in having the tealight thingy underneath (at leat, it is not at all English, and the people I know who use teapots like this are mostly German/Austrian. Oh, and Dutch. So perhaps I should say Northern European? Who knows!)

And when it comes to mugs/cups, this is my favourite of all; it is one that was handpainted by a guest at the big celebration my love and I had of our relationship in 2001 - instead of present, everyone painted different (not matching) bits of white china that was later re-fired, so we have a whole set of dishes and pots and cups and serving thingies in different patterns but the same colours.

In reality, I almost never use this cup and saucer. I like thin-ish ceramic/pottery/whatever mugs, that have wide openings and aren't curved. Not picky at all!

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Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about not drinking out of certain cups... DH likes thin, porcelain type mugs with broad bases and not curved or in any way resembling vases. I like HUGE, thin lipped, porcelain type vases...