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Wednesday, 18 October 2006

City and Guilds...

So, I've started module one of the City and Guilds 7922 Level 3 handknitting (and design) course with Loraine McClean of WSTouchbase, having met Loraine and some of her students at the museum and art gallery here in Brum last month. Did I blog about that? Should have - Loraine was very interesting and inspiring, it was great to meet and chat with other students and see their work, the homemade bread pudding was deelish (if heavy as a cannonball) and the exhibition "Mirror, Bead and Thread", A Celebration of Gujarati Textiles, part of the year-long Art and Islam series was fantastic.

Anyway, I've started my work for the first module - so far I have done samples of ways of casting on, and ways of casting off. Here are most of the cast-off specimens pinned out to block before I sew them onto card and stick printed labels next to them. It's actually quite good fun, and made me try a few (tubular for example) that I haven't before.

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alice said...

You must post all about it - this is very interesting. How many hours a week are you supposed to spend on it?