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Thursday, 19 October 2006

More re course

Alice - for this first module, I've received a whole lot of info about the course in general, the expectations, the support available (tutor's home phone no., email etc) and so forth. Also a little starter pack for 'frottage' (which is rubbing in a different context than I've heard the word used before!) and collage, as I will be doing these (but haven't yet got onto that part of the module). So far, I have started a piece of work documenting and describing the tools used in handknitting in detail (so far I've done needles); I need to start a dictionary of abbreviations/marks used to denote particular stitches or combinations of stitches (eg SSK). I've knitted about 20 little samplers of cast-ons and cast-offs (using different yarn for the relevant bit) and started sewing them to card and carefully labelling them.

I'll let you know what I do next!

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alice said...

And I will be reading all about it!

I'd better not share that fact with my OH, as he's still recovering from the £700 I spent on anatomy and physiology (and couldn't be bothered to do). Wouldn't like to worry him unnecessarily....