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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Corset and cashmere, socks and mitts!

I'll start with the latter - I'm knitting with the colinette Jitterbug 'Bright Charcoal', which is keeping me amused with the colours despite a stocking stitch sock. I'm using 2.25mm needles which is getting what I think will be a hardwearing fabric - didn't like the gappiness in 2.5mms.

I've started the Pomotamus mitts in more potluck 'earths' from Cherry Tree Hill - these are for C's boss, Sapna, who is lovely and always admires my knitted things - so deserves these.

And - I've finished those Koigu socks! (Two minutes ago, haven't woven in ends. And probably never will - all the socks I've made myself have these ends to tuck in when I wear them!)

My favourite 2.25mm needles, and my own mistake rib pattern, using Widdershins toe-up adapted by Mel of Cabezalana for other sizes.

So - onto the corset! I have this beautiful one from Fairy Gothmother that C gave me for Christmas. I also have this Sophia sock yarn, 100% cashmere, from (of course) Poshyarn, which I think goes rather beautifully. A shawl/wrap? Or a little shrug? I'm tempted by the latter, but not sure of pattern etc.

I've got 360metres. Fun planning! Need it by the 7th when Voddy performs at Volupte for their afternoon tease.

Lastly - Anni says she's got away with bamboo dpns on several flights from the UK recently - I'll give it a try when I fly on 11th March. Thanks, Anni!


Anni said...

you're welcome Ginny. Love the socks and the mitts and the corset and of course the Sophia. I've knitted a pair of socks in Sophia and they're so gorgeous and doing a shawl in Sophia 4 ply now but have done one in 2ply previously. It's just the softest yarn ever.

sisterknitter said...

These may be famous last words, but I think that metal needles are the problem because they get picked up on the X-ray machines. I am taking a pair of bamboo circulars and a plastic crochet hook in a pencil case when I travel next week. I can't bear the thought of eight hours on a plane and three in transit with no knitting or crochet!

JoVE said...

I always use 2.25mm for socks. though I have also done a pair on 2.00 mm Those are really skinny needles. Yours look great.

Where are you flying on the 11th?

TutleyMutley said...

I wasn't allowed to take my bamboo circs on the international flight to Thailand (but had fun with the 100s of movies!) - but they didn't bat an eyelid on a national flight once I got there. Good luck!

...Specially love those Koigu socks, mmm. I'm still dithering about casting on March socks... Have set myself the challenge of knitting them both at once on one circ. I've put myself off.

Shan said...

I love the Cherry Tree Hill you're using for Pomotamus - it looks beautiful, just the little bit you've done in the picture.