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Saturday, 3 February 2007


I'm sitting/kneeling here in front of the computer with bright light flooding in from the 2 big windows in my study, knitting on the koigu seat-of-the-pants sock. It is bliss after Cablenet - the 2.25mm needles feel delightfully huge, and the mistake rib (I think that's the name - 3x3 but the purl is garter stitch instead) is easy to feel my way on - and to correct - after that complicated net of cables on 2mm needles I've left downstairs.

Still, I am pleased with my cabley sock, though not looking forward to the second one. I plan to move this one onto a thread when I am at the point where I would move onto the toe for my foot, as I think Mum's is a little bigger. That way, I can have the second one started and take it to france with me next week skiing, with lots of travel time to get some done, and Mum's foot available to try the sock on.

Meanwhile, my Rowan polar sweater (with the dykey labrys pattern) is soaking in the bath having finally had the ends sewn in and the arms seamed last night. Should be warm, and I hope I can block it a little longer and narrower to be more flattering - never will be very. But warm!

I'm also planning things to make with various yarns I have. I need to get back going on the cocoon shrug, but don't feel able/moved to just now. however, I do have some lovely merino/5% cashmere yarn I bought at Unravel in October - these three greens were dyed with Comfrey, hollyhocks and nettles respectively. Not sure what to do with them - maybe knit all three strands together in a bulky neck warmer; or do some sort of sideways knit scarf in a slip stitch; or a variation on Branching Out (knitty) or Backyard Leaves (Scarf Style). What do you think?

Then there is the handspun and dyed DK cashmere and the hand-dyed DK silk boucle from poshyarns - I plan a scarf/shawl feather and fan (starting form the centre but splitting the two

sides once it is wide enough and no longer increasing at the centre, to form a long scarf with diagonal stripes). I might also add in the occasional stripe of the rather bright orange mohair?!?


Shan said...

I like your labrys pattern a lot. Funny you should use it - I've been tossing ideas around for a while, on how to incorporate it into some knitting, but hadn't settled on anything. It looks great in the yoke.

PS: I am about to type maybe the most amusing word verification I've seen yet: boobxl

TutleyMutley said...

That's a lot of WIPs Ginny. I'm impressed by the knitting/Cabernet combi. Did I get that right? After reading your post again, I realise I haven't. teehee. You said CABLENET! Well, Cabernet and 2.5mm needles go down a treat too. I should know.

Anni said...

Love the socks. They look gorgeous and must take ages to knit. Love all hte yarn too. Some good stuff there. Happy choosing.

Ellen said...

Those socks are gorgeous!

FemiKnitMafia said...

Love the labrys! About a year ago I thought about adding it into my knitting, but then promptly forgot. I'm sure the math was scaring me away. I'm so glad you took the time to figure it out!