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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Brenda Spoke

And I am answering her call to blog!

notre dame back complete
It's been ages, mostly because I've been busy and also not knitting that much, but now I have blue hands from the hand dyed Lopi I'm using for the Notre Dame de Grace sweater (Veronik Avery, Interweave Knits Summer 2007) for C. The back seems a bit narrow, and I'm getting 17.5 stitches to 4" rather than 17stitches; however, I know that when I washed and blocked my swatch it loosened up and flattened out considerably, so I'm going to assume it'll be ok!

notre dame back complete neck detail

I love the colour, which really glows, but I suspect will end up considerably lighter once washed (or C with a blue neck). I'll try additional vinegar in the rinse.

I've also started on the Secret of Chrysopolis stole - the first clue was out on Friday. I must check that my team are going ok! (That's my Mum, aunt and S-i-L). I noticed that the 2 garter stitches at each edge of the stole were only represented by 1 box at each side of the chart. the chart looks big for one week's clue, but it is all pretty straightforward stuff, and repetitive enough to use stitch markers if wanted. We'll see how we go! The Malabrigo is incredibly soft, I'm loving that.

secret of chrysopolis clue 1

I'm still hoping to do the Honeybee Stole in my Fyberspates yarn after the Chrysopolis one, and took this pic out of the passenger window in Moseley, Birmingham - it's on the wall of a business, ? solicitors' (attorney). Rather sweet, n'est-ce pas?

bumble bees on wall detail


Octopus Knits said...

The back looks great, and I love the color of the Malabrigo you're using for the stole!

anne said...

wow, i love the look of that sweater; hope it doesn't run to much! it's SUCH a pretty color.

RooKnits said...

Sweater looks fab, I hope it doesn't run too much it is such a gorgeous colour. I love the bee photo too. How fab. Am feeling much better now, thanks ;0)

Selma said...

Good to see you back. Maybe by the time you get round to the Honeybee Stole, I'll be ready, too. still need to find just the right yarn.