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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Life, meanwhile

So - the trip home in November resulted in a consultant job (that's Attending in US, and Staff Specialist in Oz) in Paediatric A+E for Clare, in Nottingham. Several happy, happy things about this
- it seems like a great department
- she and a friend, Lynda, have managed to wangle a job-share - so she'll have lots of time for kiting, cello, bread-making, doing up a crap house, cycling, dragon-boating etc etc.
- we've got EXCELLENT friends in Nottingham
- Nottingham is the best place in the UK (arguably, I'm sure!) for dragon-boating, with the National Watersports Centre in Holme Pierrepont
- it's also good for kite-buggying, as there's the Airbossworld kite field at an old air field nearby
- knitting - there are several interesting-looking groups, one of which I attended while we were there - very welcoming they were too! THis was in that rare bird - a lovely independent yarn shop!
- Nottingham is no further from John, Shell and the kids and not very far from Birmingha, so easy to stay in touch with people.

A few less good things:
- NOT a good time to be trying to sell a house in Birmingham!
- not as near the sea (which would be right next to it) as CLare would like. Closer than Brum, though!

In other news:
We've shipped all our stuff and are now living out of suitcases in Summer Hill, courtesy of Bex and Fin.

We're hoping to get a tourist visa for Feb, stay here till 29th Jan and then trip on over to Perth, rent a campervan and explore the kitesufing spots (and hopefully wineries etc too) of the south-west, while gettig to visit my lovely cousins and aunt in Albany and Perth.

Clare's worrying she won't be busy enough working part-time.

I'm worrying I won't get a job, and/or I won't remember how to be a GP.

We're both worrying about money and houses and so on! We'll need to rent a tiny place in Nottingham pro tem while we try to sell or house in Brum, then find somewhere to buy in Nottingham. All fun.

Still - I went to the theatre twice last week (Rabbit and Being Harold Pinter - both good, the latter hard work with surtitles on a pretty wordy play, but intriguing). And tonight we splash out and go to Tetsuya's for a degustation that promises to be amazing. Tomorrow is the STC War of the Roses marathon - that's made from Shakespear's Rich ll, Hen lV, Hen V, Hen Vl, and Rich lll. Two parts, each almost 4 hours long. Wow!

And in two weeks we have Camille, can't wait! (Interesting French singer).


Anonymous said...

AACK. reading this and the list of projects is making me slightly car sick. What a whirlwind. But great plans. Sucky timing on the house-sale seems to be the only real downside. Anxiety about not being busy enough or not remembering how to doctor seems normal but likely to go away in 3 days with no treatment.

Robynn said...

Big congrats to Clare and you! How very exciting to have your eye on the next step now. I've never been to Nottingham but it sounds good. Yay for the next big thing!