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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Knitting I have planned.

1st and foremost - complete John's jacket in time for his 40th birthday, 21st March.
Complete Honey Bee stole (not started).
Mamluke socks - for Kate's 40th (was November 2007!)
Complete Pi Are Squared shawl in Lost Flock Fibers yarn About 1/3 or 1/4 complete).
Estes vest in black Cleckheaton Merino Supreme
Baby Cables and Big Ones Too in Bio Natur
Gytha in Treliske organic merino with Bio Natur for colour-work
Little Birds with the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply
Mermaid kit, Hanne Falkenberg
Winter wonderland coat - cream Cleckheaton Merino Supreme to be dyed in pieces
Falling water stole for Clare
Through the Keyhole
Intoxicating with the Knitwitches silk dk
Dainty pinstripes with the 4ply soft I bought on sale with JoVE!
Vivian (with the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran)

That's most of the things I have in my head/in my queue on Ravelry, etc etc. We'll see. I'm not saying I'll knit them all this year!
I shall also do some plainish socks, as they're good to have on the go when around and about.

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Anonymous said...

Overwhelming list. But you should finish Kate's socks (I'm vaguely curious as to which Kate, but whoever, she deserves socks.) They make John's jacket look like a pipe dream.

Have you seen Vest-uary? Maybe the Estes vest could be part of that if you like joining in such things. (I've linked to Sarah's page on my blog, but I think she has stuff on Rav, too)

Assuming that maybe you have lots of long plane trips in which to complete some of this.