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Friday, 17 April 2009

Getting in the habit.

A few pics of the things I've finished and those I'm starting:

First lots of pics of the Dratted Hemp Jacket (TM) - which I'm counting as finished though in fact I have yet to sew in ends, graft underarms and sew in a zip. A mere bagatelle, i'm sure you'll agree!

JKD hemp jacket complete

Seamless Hybrid construction of back to add just a leetle interest to the project without deviating form the dullness requested by the recipient.
JKD hemp jacket  back shaping

A detail of the front where the travelling stitch zig-zag is reflected rather than identical on each side.
JKD hemp jacket fronts detail

Detail of collar.
JKD hemp jacket collar detail

Up close and personal with indigo dyed hemp.
hemp macro

To prove there are two (I thought I had completed the second a day or two ago, then realised I had in fact omitted the MMMM (or WWWW) pattern just before the toe, and had to rip out. Oh well, thank heavens for spit splicing.
Mamluke pair

So now I've started the Gytha hooded top
from the Twist Collective winter edition. I'm using Treliske organic rich dark brown merino from NZ for my main colour, with the donkey Bio Natur dyed dark green and rust (and undyed) held with Colinette Parisienne in Velvet Leaf, Ginger and Moss for the contrast colours. Working well, I'm pleased. (I actually bought the Merino from Ecoyarns in Oz, BTW, v helpful).
start of gytha

Detail of Gytha - you can see the colours reasonably accurately here, but in fact the final garment will be mainly dark brown.
gytha colourwork detail

Lara - yes, I'll do some pics of the house and neighbourhood soon (but not over the weekend, I'm off to Bristol for a reminder course for GP...).


Cecilia said...

Nice to see you blogging again!
Love the knitting pictures, esp. Gytha. Can't wait to see it finished.

SewIknit2 said...

super knitting! LOVE the socks! glad you are back home, wish you were coming back to Brum though! but good luck in your new area/home too!

missfee said...

the jacket looks fantasic Em - great work - it is all downhill from here. I always get stuck at the last bit - I find I need as much time to let go of the project mentally and that is what stops the completing sometimes.

If you do ever go again to the backroom in wales........

Lara said...

Hemp jacket is sublime! Am very impressed that you made it to deadline, and I hope your brother loves it as much as I do :)

JoVE said...

"dullness requested by recipient" made me laugh. Lovely jacket though.

And the Gytha looks like it'll be nice, too.

"reminder class"? Do you really forget?

M-H said...

All beautiful things. There are so many lovely patterns. I would like to be able to knit for another 70 years to complete them all. (Unlikely, but I can dream!)

Anonymous said...

The jacket is beautiful. I love the detail. I keep trying to convince Tim to try some "styling". You are a master of colourwork, too!

Bex said...