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Friday, 24 April 2009

Nanny Ogg progress

Here's a view of where I was with the knitting yesterday - and today I tried it on; I'm almost at 15" (of 18" for this size, 17" for the next one down - not certain which to do, given that I am not v tall, but shall want to block a little wider, I think, and I don't want the shaping to be too low (would NOT flatter the middle of me at all!) Hmmm. 17.5" seems like a good compromise!

You can see the colours well in this pic - if the green had come out a little lighter I think that would have been better, but what the heck, not bad for a quick bodge dyeing job.

Progress on Nanny Ogg

I was planning to get some pics of the area and the house up today, but we're both knackered, after C went out with colleagues last night. She expected to be back about 11 or not much later, but it was 1.30am and she wasn't answering her phone, so I felt I had to stay up in case. So I was pretty p'd off when she did get in (rather drunk) and we're both tired today. Just for the record, NO probs with her staying out as late as she likes, but if there's been a plan and she's hours later in the middle of the night... I reckon it's my job to have a moment of anxiety.

Anyway, she's hungover today, and I'm not. Ho hum.

The weekend is likely to be fun one - Saturday at Airbossworld for kiting, before C's ps arrive and we explore a new-tous restaurant that is proud of it's local ingredients (the Larder on Goosegate) - hope to get lots of tips for local foods!

But a part of me is wishing I was in Wollongong this weekend - or at the Courthouse!


Lara said...

How funny that C is allowed to go out and get sloshed and turn the phone off - and you get called and texted when you are at the theatre with an almost respectable and mostly sober me ;)

I'm off to the theater today, and tomorrow making neinish (sp?) tarts with mum - but I'd blow all that for knit with you at the Courthouse :)

SallyO said...

No Woollongong for me this weekend either, but I have got SSK to look forward to this afternoon. Very small turnout as everyone else is in W.

So you're "not v. tall". The word you were looking for was "short"! A bit like me, that is.

The Other Andrew said...

*sniff* We wish you were at the Courthouse too. I'm not crying, I just have something in both eyes, okay!?

JoVE said...

Totally understand about the anxiety. Not about permission. But at what point does one start phoning hospitals. Especially when folks are on bikes. M. and I have had this conversation several times and he now usually borrows someone's mobile and phones.

Did I ever tell you about the time in Sterling when he fell asleep on the last train from Edinburgh and then had to get a cab from Perth?

missfee said...

we wanted you in wollongong as well - love the jumper you have made such grat progress!
I think a penatly of wool from C is required - some yarn for your suffereing!!!