Emily's the knitter, Clare's the spinner, and we both like cocktails!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Happy Birthday dear Clarey!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!
Clarey kites

I'm looking forward to seeing you kite on the sparkling waters of Norfolk. I'll even help chuck the kite in the air for you!
Clarey Kites 2 people's bay

I want to say thanks for you generously not minding me not working for that last year - and taking me to Sydney; what a wonderful experience!
Lots of kites WA 2

New adventures now in our new city and new jobs; more time for you to enjoy all your other interests - starting today!

Much love xxxxxxxxxxxx


SallyO said...

And Happy Birthday from me too!

Lara said...

And from me! And Mark! And the offspring (who has just learned how to do kisses on cue - step this way for a wet, open mouthed toddler kiss!).


Love the pictures!

LynS said...

Happy birthday to Clare. Have fun, both of you.

missfee said...

Happy Birthday to Clare from me and the Sock Victim - hope you are having a great time!!!!

M-H said...

Happy Birthday Clare! And many many more of them with sweet Emily.

Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday Clare!

Bex said...

Happy Birthday Clarie!
xx bex and fin xx