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Monday, 27 April 2009

New podcast and a measuring

OK, so I've found a new podcast - 'Gives Good Knit'. I really enjoy this one; she's literate, interesting and DOESN'T HAVE AN IRRITATING VOICE! Hur-blooming-ray!

Tika's blog is Largely Unrepeatable, and I like that too. She's challenged herself to knit and spin 12 miles this year - and I thought I'd see what I've done to date (anything finished after 1/1/09 counts):

Mamluke socks - 380 yds
Hemp jacket - 1952yds
Jaali - 1200yds
Cable socks - 360 yds

total 3892 yds

divide by 1760 (that's how many yards in a mile, apparently - who knew? Us UK people of my age at least are confused - think in imperial, but learn metric. Hmmm).

gives 2.21 miles knit so far. Not including the yards in the Nanny Ogg sweater.

I'm not challenging myself here, just intrigued.


LynS said...

Thanks for the podcast recommendation, Emily. I'll try it. My first requirement for a podcast is that it isn't boring (some are); then a listen-able voice; no shrieking or chattering over others; some information I don't know; and good music!!!

If you have knitted 2.21 miles with so many big projecs, I imagine I wouldn't manage even a mile a year. Interesting.

missfee said...

wow over 2 miles - I am impressed

and thanks for the recommendations I r