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Monday, 16 August 2010

Congratulations Andrew!

(Just a quickie, need to take pics of my embarrassing haul from KnitCamp and then I'll post about that great time).

So, once there was a rather tired and bizarre knitting shop in a place called Newtown in the lovely city of Sydney. The yarn rolled on the floor, as did the pets - kind of sneezy!

Then along came Morris and Sons, and took over the place. Now, M&S have a big shop in the CBD, and one in Melbourne - but this was to be a little different, and is called The Granny Square. How to make it perfect? Oh yes - get The Other Andrew to sort it out!

He's done them proud. Have a look at these pics on Flickr and see if you don't agree.


missfee said...

oh yes and you no longer walk in and want to scrub the place with disinfectant

it is a marvel!!!

if you want anything (embarrassing haul or not) it can be got!

Goggle Eyed Krenbot said...

How I love the percentage knit-log - how do you do that? Why no knit on the knit meter?

Lara said...

It looks so gorgeous - I can't wait to be able to visit in person :)