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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spun loveliness blocking

So pleased with this! I've weighed what's left - have 35, so presumably I used 65g in the shawl (but it's wet and blocking, so can't weigh it now).

maia blocking

See the lovely texture!
maia texture

maia texture detailmaia lace and texture detailmaia stitch detail

See the lace!
maia lace detail

maia wingmaia edge detail

I'm really pleased with it, and think that GT will love it. Enough left for me to make a little cowl for me...


RooKnits said...

It's absolutely gorgeous Emily.... and how lucky you are to have someone who spins so well!

Felix said...

That is looking gorgeous.

That handspun is beautiful... so very even and heathery and lovely...

M-H said...

That looks lovely. Blocking is such magic.

Did you come down with my cold? Sandra is now on Day four, but is feeling better. I started antibiotics as soon as I arrived home, as my lungs and sinuses were screaming "Danger! Danger!" very loudly, and am slowly recovering. Sadly we have had wicked jetlag too.

But it was all worth it!

Anonymous said...

I've just seen this on Ravelry, makes me feel good to see my fibre spun up and then knitted. This is truly gorgeous and if the fibre is anything to go by I would imagine that this feels like a bit of gorgeousness too!

Jules said...

So beautiful! Not only the yarn but also the needlework- you should be very proud ; )

Hope life is good with you...